First thing first, I relocated my blog here, a Linode based high performance vm service. Well, I should thank for Master Bai’s selfless and patient help, he’s such a nice guy, a real good friend, a brilliant teacher, and a incredible trends monitor (especially for self-learning and everything about backend development). Now the blog is faster, stronger than before, although I need to pay another 10$/month (it deserves it!).

My younger brother came to visit me 3 days ago, so It takes me sometime to be a guide. If we take a common standard of success to measure him, well he is obviously not successful. 30 years old, single, a peddling job, a salary under 3000/month, already becoming out of shape. Oh man, but he is still my bro, that guy who always admires me, treat me like a real bro.

He spent whole the day time to travel around Beijing, Beijing is one of his dream place, a destination in his life. I can’t get the same passion like he do, cause Beijing already become part of my life, I might miss all the things here after I leave some day. However it’s not the first time for me to say “Good bye” to Beijing. So, I can’t visit 6 sights during one day.

This is the gift he sent to me, a ‘Bodhi with thousand eyes’. Which is essentially a seed for some type of plant. I don’t care what the fuck it is, the important thing is, this is the first gift that I received in the past three years. Last time was I received a bag of instant coffee from Starbucks.

“Bro, When I realized someday, I am already 30 years old.” said my bro. We were seating in Maan coffee, we chatted a lot about our life, we didn’t see each other more than two years.

“You should consider it like this, you are JUST 30 years old, fucking plenty of thing you haven’t tried yet!” I replied. I told him the life since I became a freelance. My feeling about being lonely out of regular timeline. The study life I had in EF, and my American dream.

“Why don’t you …” “Trust me I tried that before” “How about…” “Hey man, I have more experience than you!” “Maybe you can…” “Ok, all right”

He tried to give me suggestions, but I am still not a good listener.  His face makes me thinking of the tour to 798 art factory. I invited me to join that lesson,but he was totally isolated. I think that might hurt his dignity, you know the feeling when you are the only one who can’t even give a word.

Back to the day he arrived, he was standing in the hall of JoyCity while we met, looking at the LED hanging on the wall. I called him and he turned back to me give me a long-lost smile.

Anyway, wish all the things about him go well.