Cheers Love!
First of all, let me celebrate for our team’s new output!! Snow Online, which is an e-commerce App. By a 48 days developing dash, finally we did it.
And now I can settle down and talk about what was supporting during this peak climbing. My Play station 4!!
PS4 graceful like an ancient greek sculpture

Andy put me a trigger, all of these began from he mentioned the experience about playing God of War III on PS3. It was like “I was totally fucking shocked when I eliminated Poseidon!” I misunderstood it as a PS4 game.
And I decided to get a new game console on the children’s day, the awesome PS4. Even though the China version PS4 is under region lock on PSN, but anyway, I would love to support the first legally published version of game console in China. For gameboys, it’s an event which was as important as the first step by Armstrong.
And there’s no limitation on Physical Blue-ray Games, so I can get start to collect games I missed in my childhood. Overwatch and Journey were the very first two games I bought.
I kept on fighting for a week, yes, Overwatch, the sketch proved how much I love this game.
The Cavalry's here

“You are NOT playing Overwatch! You are playing Tracer!” This is what Master BAI said to me. I don’t care, just love what I love.

Under my recommendation (or evil’s whisper), Master BAI purchased THREE devices at a stretch. 3DSXL, PSV, and PS4. He’s unstoppable now!

“You can’t stop me!”

We eventually found that PS4 has tons of HQ games, the majority of them deserve the price. Especially the EPIC style games like Dark Soul, Horizon, God of War 4, The last guardian,etc. Game company should focus on improving quality and the innovation, not the adapting to multi-platform (I mean variety of PC configs).

After a frustrating, more than 12 hours work day, nothing could be better than enjoying an hour of video games. Then I dived in gameplay movie clips on youtube. Metal Jesus is awesome!!
I feel like a lost parrot find back my tree. I will try to start fulfill my game dream. Here are the devices I got now:
Game Consoles:

  • PSP 1st generation.(White)
  • Game Boy Advance SP.(Black)
  • Game Boy Micro
  • 3DSXL (JP) (White)
  • Xbox 360 Slim (Black)
  • PS4 (CH)(White)


  • Mac Book Pro (2013) Daily Computer.
  • Mac Mini (2012) Backup.
  • iPad Mini 2.


  • iPhone 6 plus 64GB
  • Nexus 5 LG


  • LG IPS236V
    And they layout like this:
    My Work&Game room

I and Master BAI had decided to get a GameCube, which is another classic game platform to collect. By the more convenient, I already found some very ideal second-hand providers. It’s on the go.