About fortnight ago, I found that ‘Comma’ has another definition, ‘A butterfly that has wings with irregular, ragged edges and typically a white or silver comma-shaped mark on the underside of each hind wing.’

So I googled it, and here’s the finding.


The other day, in the morning. After I iterated all the toilets in my office building, they were all occupied by freaking idiots. I felt deeply hopeless and helpless, try to hold my shit, and thought about why I should keep on plowing such an arduous job.
Beloved Abby

I told this feeling to my wife, she responded by planning a journey at the end of this year. To toby’s home, in Liuzhou. Celebrate Chinese new year with different people in a different place. And we planned a short trip to Japan after that. Well, I felt so much better after I got a new goal.
I’d never thought about being delighted by reading the IELTS reading test activity. Like, what are two different types of happiness?

“Natural happiness(NH) & Synthesis happiness(SH)”.
To a more clear description, the former is the one when you got what you want, the latter is the one you didn’t get what you want. Honestly, I put some time to understand “How could a person be happy when she/he can’t get what she/he wants?”

A supplement for the synthesis happiness is, you know what you want. Thing’s getting more understandable by thinking about such a scenario. The gold winner of a game was enjoying the NH, and the silver medal winner was enjoying the SH. Because she/he know how far away she/he is from her/his goal.

Most of my life, I’ve been dreaming, planning something that will make me happy. Human being has such an ability to make yourself high by imagination. That’s why you got an orgasm by watching porn movies.

So I think about the journey, it’ll lead me to the next station of my life, vibrantly.