Hey Chan, the last time we discussed something seriously was almost a month ago. After the Chinese new year holiday, I was badly sick, fortunately, it was not COVID19. Today I found my code in the main project had been totally “refactored”, by K, without any notice.
I considered this for a while, dwelling with the memories about how we overcame all the unprecedented problems, and I remembered that day we fixed so many bugs and released the app 17 times, then you said “Thank you” with a mouthful sincere.

But things changed a lot since then. We have new team members, or I can call them “invaders”. It’s easy to get alienated or marginalized when the newcomers appear in an established structure, they are working in somehow conventional workflow, the outcome is stunningly good. So as a tech-driven guy, I should respect who is indeed advanced, and I just waved my white flag.

So the repo I led stopped there, before the mainnet launch, with the criticism of “using a fake typescript”, I gave up our SDK project completely too. I thought That will be kind of reborn. The fact is, I lost my voice.

The problem I can see now, in the project & team structures

  1. I got deeply hostile with K and his team on changing things without notifying me.
  2. The project is becoming more dialectical, especially for new members, it will be challenging to get started.
  3. I am tired of changing all the time, I need to reset myself a bit.

Thus, I decide to quit.