This is purely a try for fun, Just a way to draw a Taiji symbol with sketch.

1 Draw a oval, let me take 160 x 160 px as an example.

2 Draw a rectangle which is 160 x 160 px too.

3 Drag the rectangle over the oval, till the guide line appears.

4 Select both of two shapes. Then choose ‘Subtract’

5 Now we have a regular half oval, don’t forget to flatten them.

6 Draw a oval, with 80 x 80 px which is half size of the previous one.

7 Drag it to match the position like this.

8 Again, select both of two shapes. Then choose ‘Subtract’

9 Now we have a shape looks like a horn, now draw a 80 x 80 oval again. then move it two the place like I did.Select both of two shapes, then click ‘Union’

10 Duplicate the shape, and rotate it by 180°, change the fill color to a deeper color.

12 Combine them together,and add two small oval. Congrats! You have a Chinese Taiji symbol!!