Double Killed

Remember That girl that I mentioned early, which is the prettiest one in my office(Relatively).
The question about Mobile web page design was just from her. Now you know how disappointed that I felt when I couldn’t give her a cool answer.

I am very careful to keep the distance in a safe range. But I still can’t stop myself to send her a tiny gift today. Well, it’s just a paper puzzle from Japan. Cause she said she is really into Miyazaki Hayao. I found I’m still holding this one, The Borrower Arrietty.

She was very happy to receive such a gift. But she has no idea what it is.
She doesn’t know what the fuck it is. Including What it is, where does it come from, who is the fucking director. The only thing she focuses on was the price tag.
“It cost you 600 yuan?!”
“It’s Japanese yen, not Chinese yuan.” I smiled.
In Shenyang, when a girl claims she loves Miyazaki Hayao, she is probably meaning the movie “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi(千と千尋の神隠し)”