The end of the year

The office that I am working in is located in a plaza named ‘Forum 66’. From 1st-4th floor, all the luxurious stores are separated one after another. I am the rare part of all the viewers, with new balance shoes and GAP t-shirt, I feel like a penguin walking in Louvre. The staffs look at me through the sparkling window with glorious eyes, they look like part of the decoration.

The higher floors are for offices renting. Like I mentioned, this building is designed for upscale consumers, so the office tower is full of companies and organizations which are related to banking and finance. Now you know how odd it is that a media company like mine is located here.

Almost all the down jackets I’ve seen in the building are graceful and well-designed, they make the women who are wearing them more like china-dolls. The girls wearing fur is more attractive to me, if they are also wearing a leather/rubber legging. But there’s nothing else I can do except giving some glances when they are passing-by.

I usually hear some conversations like “Will you bring me back some Tarte au Citron if you go to Paris again this vacation”,”The compareration between Maybach and Benz”. Well, I can join in, I can talk about “How to create a web-based rhythm game with typescript and play it in a combat mode by socket communication”.

In the past few weeks, I put the majority time on game developing, that is an idea which I’ve been thinking about for a long will. Yes It’s a rhythm based game, I call it “Beat Max”. The QrCode is down below:


Other outputs: