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Android Learning Notes 1 Start-up

Eventually I came to start Android dev, just can’t step over this area. It’s no doubt that Android users are more than iOS users, So my curiosity drivers me to  learn something about that. Android StudioI use to learn some Android dev, and that was in 2011, I read an atrocious pirated book which contains tons of ridiculous translations, it misguided me a l..

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Something about Swift 2

I have to say, playground is really such a graceful way to verify my doubt during learning Swift,  all right back to record. Name parameter functionSometimes, ok, almost all the time, you found a function from api, and it contains 5 or 7 parameters, like this: ![](http://tiger-a-s-s.tobybai.cn/屏幕快照 2014-11-04 下午5.12.58.png)

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