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以下是一篇精神涂鸦。 公司的小刘和小陈最近在日亚上买了几本七菜乃的写真集,之前他们忐忑了很久,毕竟是第一次海淘,他们属于合资购买,如果因此在过海关的时候而定罪的话,是不是应该共同承担后果,事实证明他们多虑了,他们真正要解决的问题是:“谁先撸”的问题,毕竟他们俩也都是比较看重“写真集初夜权”的。现在是年末,全体成员都在陆续收到满脸疲惫的快递小哥们送来的双11包裹,有些小哥开启了行尸走肉模式,嘴角的唾液已经干涸,出现了结晶,似乎每年的这个时间段,整个华人区域集中爆发了一次非理性购物行为都会触发一次关怀社会弱势群体的曝光行为。畸形的神机缘巧合创造了节日,你我不过是巨大机关阵中的一楔一榫,年少轻狂的孩子在厕所蹲坑时仍在相互比较谁放的屁更大声,而我的诊断结果是肾小球肾炎,与糖尿病二型。开发组成员整体已经开始陷入了失焦..

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typescript defination

TypeScript Defination & Work with Javascript

Last week was a frustrated one, the fucking air-condition was always blowing warm air with lousy smell everyday. Just like a drunk man was burping next to you. I bet my blood press must been really high at the moment. And the cold war is still running, but a bit assuaged after my wife bought two jackets and two down jackets for her parents and grandparents..

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Git,Cent OS

Setup Private Git On Cent OS 7

I just ruined my cozy returning, from the hospital. Because I couldn't hold myself stop getting fury when I was having a call with my wife. She responsed so impatient when I asked is there any thing to eat for my Mom. My mom went to the hospital to take me back after 7 days diagnosis & recuperation. What I felt about the tone from my wife was she has been..

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