My father-in-law was standing in front of the window, burping all the time, he had laryngectomy surgery two years ago, and due to the relapse of esophageal cancer, he can’t breathe with his mouth and nose but a hole in the center of his throat. He can’t make any sound now, I mean a voice, he can still clap, dispatch gestures, or make sounds with an electronic throat, which sounds like Megatron, sometimes in very emergency, he would make some tweet sound by the tongue. My son use to be very happy with these sounds because he thinks it’s cool and funny, so I suggest he do more communication with his grandpa-in-law, to be more versatile in contact skills.
Diffusion Disco

All in all, every time he eats something, the after-effect of esophagectomy would let the gas generated by the stomach go through without obstacles, and the after-effect of laryngectomy makes a perfect whistle when the gas comes. He was like playing some rhythm. When this happened, my mother-in-law would start cursing, like “You dad is bringing troubles all his life to relatives and friends, look at him, such an old bastard!!”, I am sorry he is not my dad, but honestly, I would have been ashamed if he is.
My mother-in-law had a hysterectomy surgery in the same year, 2020. Before that, she had colon cancer around 20 years ago.
Ja, don’t sigh for me, maybe for my wife. Thanks to them for letting me learn so many medical terms. When the doctor was doing the hysterectomy, he found that she had another deadly problem, called “stromal tumor”, I think I need to make a term table for this blog. That means, that if it grows out inside the colon or stomach, it would be just a polyp. In my mother-in-law’s case, this damn polyp happened between the vagina and colon, inside the abdominal cavity. I tried my best to explain this.
When she knew about this, she was like “It’s all because I wasn’t devout enough to Buddha”, and started crying. I tried to console her, ok I admit, I pretended to console her, but actually what was in my mind was “What the hell did they do to deserve this? If there is a GOD?”

My wife called me last Friday in a hysterical tone on the phone, the hospital eventually restarted work after the Chinese-Style Anti-Covid society shock. My parents-in-law stopped their check-ups for 3 months. So the most important thing is to grab a registered number from the doctors, in the same hospital, different subjects. What stopped her was, that we had to register on the hospital’s App, the app required us to submit a screenshot of the passport which can prove that we’ve never been to a high-risk area(Covid). She submitted several times but always fail, so she was insane about it. I knew that shitty App, it’s one of my nightmares. I followed the steps and was very patient, I found that the terms the app need to check, were only the phone number and the patient’s name can be matched to the data stored in its system. There is no further security check to prevent harmful actions. Well, I thought “Ok, I can hack it”, pretty easy, just make up a screenshot with my phone, and change the number and name with any graphic design tool. It worked. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law was crying to the staff in Unicom business hall why her App didn’t show up the fucking passport.
To the developers of this App, it’s just another job to make the leaders comfortable.